Working at Khichdi Network – Website & Digital Services

We believe in focusing on the overall career growth of all our work partners by incorporating challenging tasks and assignments in correlation to advancement in the field of digital marketing, content management & graphic design. Along with that we intend to impact on your interpersonal skills by playful leisure activities and work trips. We are invested in elevating work ethics as well as personal safety of each and every team member with various benefits extending to the whole family with the help of term insurances.

Work Life at Khichdi Network – Website & Digital Services

Work life at Khichdi Network – Website & Digital Services is pretty cool ! From the moment you enter our offices across the city, you realize that we offer more than most other companies by maximum utilization of our ambiance, environment and work office design. We have our owned office location in the heart of Ahmedabad.

Some of the Reasons You Work at Khichdi Network – Website & Digital Services


Never Ending Opportunities

We create ample opportunities for our team to excel and able to test their abilities in either games, sports and other mind-wracking games. 

Performance Tracking

Monthly Performance Indicators & Project Tracking Tools to ensure you are able to get work done properly and effectively.

State of The Art Facilities

From the most lavish of work places, spaces and amazing ameneties our work places offer unique design, decor and ambiance like no other. 

Human Resources

The best workplace you can find.
Monthly Employee & Team Awards


Dress Code

Unlike many other corporates or companies we do not have a dress code. Our team members wear whatever they feel most comfortable in.

Salary & Benefits

Sales & Retention Incentives
Company Stock Options
On-Time Every time
Salary Paid by 7th of Every Month


No data or content can go out of the work place. The information collected or shared within the organisation is not allowed to leave at any time under our private policy.

Leave Criteria

During Probation deducted from Salary. After completion of six months or from becoming a full time employee, leave benefits are applicable.

Working Days & Time

Monday to Saturday
9 AM to 6 PM
9 Hours incorporating Lunch.

What are your job timings and work days ?

Our main shift starts at 9:00 AM and lasts till 6:00 PM every Monday to Saturday. We include a 30 minute lunch break within this time to enjoy your meal and catch some phone calls from family and friends.

When do I get holidays ?

You get only those public holidays that as per company guidelines. During your probation period or the first six months of your employment, all absence besides the registered public holidays by the company are deducted from your salary. After you complete six successful months of employment and are issued a confirmation letter, you receive two leaves per month which can not be encashed. You must take an approval for leave at least 7 days in advance. In the event you take more than two days off in your first two months alone, we might not retain you. So be sure that when you are joining, you have no leaves planned as your first two months especially are important in productivity. If you plan to take leaves let us know during the interview process itself and before employement or offer of a job.

When do I get paid ?

You get paid within 10 days of your completition of one month attendance cycle. Say you joined from the 1st of June. You would get paid by or before July 10th of the subsequent month.

What is the mode of payment of salaries?

Salaries are paid by cheque or IMPS/NEFT or bank transfers only. We do not pay our employees, salary in cash.

Is there a dress code?

We do not enforce any kind of dress code policy. Feel free to come in whatever is most comfortable to you.

What kind of food can I bring ?

In order to respect dietary conditions and religious sentiments of our employees, we allow them to bring their lunch into the office as they please as long as lunch is had together with the team. We do request of employees to respect the culture and religious sentiments of each other though.

What is your mobile phone policy ?

We do not allow personal mobile phone usage during our office hours exception during the luncb break as. the usage and addiction of mobile phones tend to cause lack of focus during work hours. If your loved ones need to call you for an emergency you can ask them to call on our office numbers to connect to you. Personal mobile phones are kept at reception during entry and can be used during luncb breaks and on exiting the office for the day.

About Khichdi Network – Website & Digital Services

Khichdi Network – Website & Digital Services is a digital marketing platform concerned with branding, website development and lending other technical services with upmost diligence and creativity. 

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