Co-Working Space


As more businesses accept remote work options, coworking spaces fill a unique need. They appear to be an office without the rigidity of one. Despite the isolation of working solely from home, coworking offers social activities, networking opportunities, and general human contact. Coworking is more than just a way to accommodate remote workers. Commercial real estate is important because it benefits both businesses and their employees. Coworking turns the workplace’s most visible and costly business cost into a service. The space-as-a-service model relieves balance sheets and increases workforce flexibility. At Khichdi Network – Website & Digital Services, we offer co working facilities at our Parimal Garden office located near Ellis Bridge in Ahmedabad. Span over 2200 sq feet our office is located in the center of Ahmedabad, and offers the easiest accessibility from all major parts of the city.

Apart from cloud computing technologies, coworking is the most powerful force in the next evolution of how, where, and when we work.

If today’s workforce is proud of one quality, it’s adaptability. It is invaluable for businesses to be adaptable in terms of how, where, and when work is completed without sacrificing quality or efficacy. Coworking spaces enable this flexibility, allowing more employees to respond to changing demands. Companies are realizing the value of coworking in empowering their employees over a traditional workplace. The importance of coworking in the transition to a more remote, autonomous workforce cannot be overstated.

The main types of coworking spaces that are available.

  • Open Workspaces

  • Private Workspaces

  • Industry-Specific

  • Venture/Incubators


Coworking benefits both businesses and employees. It is all about cost savings for businesses. It is about gaining the ability to operate in the best way possible for an employee. Benefits will rise if the decline of the traditional workplace leads to more remote jobs:

  • Allows employees to work remotely in a professional setting.

  • Companies may find it more cost-effective than a larger contract.

  • Increases networking opportunities for mobile employees

  • Maintenance of facilities requires no repairs.

  • Professionals benefit from the flexibility provided by pay-as-you-go and membership models.

  • Various styles of space, from individual workstations to group spaces

  • Adapts to almost all work hours

Future of Co-Working

As more young people realize that they don’t have to follow the crowd and pursue a more traditional career path, the number of freelancers and entrepreneurs who take the plunge is likely to rise. Technology, awareness, and opportunity will drive this. Coworking will become the new norm for those entering the workforce today. It’s unlikely that coworking will completely replace office buildings, or that everyone will become freelancers one day. Large organizations will continue to thrive, and new ones will be built from the ground up, but they may place less emphasis on having centralized locations and more emphasis on offering perks like remote working when possible.


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