Digital One Plan

Single Website & Digital Marketing (Social Media Package) to fit all requirements and be as customized as possible.

**Company Profile:**
Khichdi Network – Website & Digital Services, located in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, is a dynamic digital marketing agency that excels in harnessing the power of various online platforms.

**Services Overview:**
Our firm is dedicated to providing an extensive suite of digital marketing services tailored to your needs. These services encompass popular platforms such as:
– Instagram
– Facebook
– YouTube
– LinkedIn
– Google My Business (Including Page Creation)

**Service Scope:**
Our offerings are all-encompassing, including but not limited to:
– Social Media Management
– Ad Campaigns
– Monthly Account Analysis
– Content Creation & Innovative Ideas

**Project Duration:**
Our standard project duration is set at a comprehensive 6 months.

**Pricing Structure:**
We adhere to a transparent and competitive pricing structure. We request an initial advance payment of ₹25,000* and maintain the following fee schedule:
– ₹400/- for each creative (Image/Post)
– ₹50/- for each post within Social Media Management
– ₹2,500/- for Video Creation (Per Minute)
– ₹1,000/- for Each Reel (30 secsonds)

**Website Services:**
For the creation of a new website, we require an advance payment of ₹20,000* which also includes domain registration and web hosting for the first year.

For website maintenance beyond the first year, an annual fee of ₹20,000* is applied, covering color and content updates as provided as well as domain renewal and web hosting and email hosting fees. (Subject to website and hosting being under 20GB in total size)

**Social Media Deliverables:**
Our service offerings include a broad spectrum of deliverables, such as creative posts, reels (also to be shared as YouTube Shorts), videos, YouTube Shorts, a comprehensive social media strategy, and story highlights in alignment with your posts.

**Commercial Terms & Conditions:**
– A 15% charge on the actual budget applies for paid promotions.
– Please note that all rates mentioned are exclusive of GST, which will be applied separately as per the invoice.
– We require a 100% advance payment.

**Additional Terms & Conditions:**
– Client-side raw data will be provided.
– For social media management services, clients are required to grant access to their social media accounts.
– We pledge our utmost dedication to completing all the deliverables mentioned and kindly request your cooperation in sharing necessary information.
– You retain the right to modify, reject, cancel, or halt any or all plans or ongoing work. However, as per our agreement, you have committed to reimbursing all costs and expenses incurred due to changes in instructions. We make every effort to minimize such costs and expenses.
– Projects that exceed 60 days will be considered out of scope, and appropriate adjustments will be made. Additional charges will apply for extended projects.
– Our company specializes in social media management and marketing planning services. You will have ample opportunities to review our work and provide feedback. In the event that you are not satisfied with the work, you are expected to compensate for completed work and have the option to terminate the contract.
– Basic images and content will be supplied by the client, which we will enhance creatively and post accordingly.
– We are committed to preserving the proprietary and confidential information of our clients and will not disclose it outside the company’s premises.
– The agreement becomes effective as of the specified date and can be terminated with a 30-day notice period.
– After project completion and the delivery of work, we cannot be held liable for any content or image issues.
– Stock photos will be purchased by the client as required by the project.
– Charges for printing, supervision, photography, models, props, location, travel, lodging, and boarding will be determined at the time of project finalization. In cases of payment delays, a 1% monthly charge will be applied to the unpaid amount, and the company also reserves the right to suspend work until the next payment is received.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve your digital marketing needs with dedication and professionalism.